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Our cosmetic store seeks to be your one-stop shop for beauty. From the hottest trends in clothing and jewelry, to the highest quality makeup and skincare options, we strive to offer you only the best. The cosmetics carried are made in the U.S. and Merle Norman has been around since 1931!

If you are looking for skincare, one size doesn’t necessarily fit all! From dry skin to oily skin, your skin has specific needs. Try the clarifying clay mask to control oily skin and unclog pores, or the Moisture Rich Facial Treatment for dry skin. For dry skin, we offer masks that contain natural oils and hyaluronic acid which helps defend your skin against daily stressors. For oily skin, we offer masks that contain clays, such as volcanic clay which helps purify, fight breakouts and control redness. Let us help find the right product for you!

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